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 Through The Eyes Of A Horse: beta online course!

This is my way of sharing the valuable insights and information that I’ve gathered over the years as an equine professional with extensive field experience (literally!), and during my current Equine Science MSc studies.

I'll provide you with tangible ways of meeting your horse where they are.  We will help them feel safe so that both your lives and theirs are enriched and and you can build the relationship you’ve dreamed of with your horse. 

The course provides a shift in perspective. You will begin to see and appreciate who horses are — The Equine Blueprint —  in a more nuanced and meaningful way, enabling you to handle, train, and care for your horses in the best possible way.    
– Bonny

"A glance at Bonny's complete commitment to learning about and understanding the horse, and her enormous depth of knowledge and experience in finding ways of working which respect and blend with the innate characteristics of an animal which so often is misunderstood and imposed upon. Bonny is a remarkable lady and it was a privilege to meet and study with her."   – Ann Currie, MSc
 Centered Riding Instructor


I’m looking for a group of 
pioneers to join the beta course program

Throughout the beta course I will guide you through your individual challenges. We’ll have direct 1:1 contact and you’ll get to join me virtually (and maybe in person) in wild places with wild and free-living horses.

Course curriculum includes :
  • 12 weeks of course material 
  • Weekly webinars 
  • Weekly live online sessions
  • Extensive resource library

Topics will include:
  • Equine social relationships
  • Cognition and Intelligence  
  • Behaviour  
  • Welfare 
  • And much much more!

I’m offering the beta program at a significantly reduced price. Future courses may not include the customised attention you will receive. As a member of the beta group your contributions will be invaluable in shaping the course. This is going to be an exciting and powerful three-month transformative experience. 

I can’t wait to meet you!

Click the image below to schedule a discovery call to find out more.  

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Touching Wild with Bonny Mealand 


I am incredibly grateful to the wonderful Lizzie MacKenzie for filming, editing and development work for my online course and promotional material. Lizzie is a talented and intuitive filmmaker whose work really captures the essence of horses, I highly recommend you get in touch with her if you have a project that needs a gentle and capable touch! She can be reached via her website, email: [email protected], or on Instagram @ofthewiild. 

Why Touching Wild?


We’re here for the horses. The Touching Wild community is committed to understanding horses from the equine perspective. We believe in a kinder, gentler approach, innovating and showcasing species-appropriate care and training that is rooted in meaningful research and extensive practical experience. – Bonny Mealand

Are you ready to? 

  • Discover who horses truly are, and see glimpses into their wild lives.
  • Learn about the equine blueprint, biology, and behaviour.
  • Enter their world in a kind and curious way.
  • Share resources and connect with like-minded equine enthusiasts.

  • Learn from well-researched, high quality and practical information.
  • Join a supportive equine community that elevates its members through resource and knowledge sharing.
  • Become a well-informed and considered advocate for the equines in your own life.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where all equines are recognised and valued for their own innate worth. Where they are allowed freedom of expression and where the people caring for them act from a place of integrity, consideration and balance.

Our joyful and respectful relationships are built on the solid foundation of kindness and the recognition of our interconnectedness.

Stay In touch

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Don't get confused! Yes it's really true you get to choose what to pay. I trust that you will pay me fairly according to your circumstances. I believe in this work and am committed to making accessible to all.